Thursday, 18 March 2010

Speed Dating

Hi everyone, thought you might like to see the first pic in my mini book on speed dating!


  1. I like this Liza, its very cute (not him obviously!)

  2. Thanks Rebecca! How's your project going? Has your man got a wife yet? x

  3. ha ha, no not yet although I have done another building. Will try to do some over the next week.

    Just got back from Bologna - it was great, but two days is enough! Next year I hope to go for a week and so some other things - Florence is only an hour away and Venice two, and the trains are very cheap.

    Lots of great stuff and food for thought and ideas.

  4. This is lots of fun Liza and I really like it. Love the music idea in the speech balloon. Bologna already seems in the distant past - but it has spurred me on anew with thoughts on the project and work in general, so that can't be bad;-)