Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Monday, 7 June 2010

Art of anticipation.

Here are a few prints from my circus sequence I did after the crit. They are not in sequence ha!
Funny old term that: time to move forwards and have the delicious anticipation of new work. Although it's difficult to turn the mental images into reality - it's all part of the fun.
Would love to see work from anyone else, from this term. Or new stuff, although I have had a week or so off myself.
Thinking of starting my own blog - 'Pollytechnicon' is my latest name idea. No idea why.;-)
Have fun in the sun all,
Polly x

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Something I forgot

At our last day drinks there was a rumour going round that if you get a book published during the course, the uni has copyright and gets the royalties. I can't remember exactly who it was who said this (I had had a glass of wine!)

Anyway I asked Pam and she said that's absolute bollocks - the uni has absolutely nothing to do with any deals you might get. So now we have cleared that up you can all go and be published!

PS Anyone got any images to post with new work?

Saturday, 29 May 2010


Well, for some reason I can't post the link!
Guy's name is Stephano Tambellini and he really is good - honest.

I loved seeing everyone's work at the last crit - didn't get a chance to say how awesome and really amazing everyone's work was. Feels a bit of a privilege to be on our course on days like that.
Lets hope for more great work next year. Have a great summer everyone.

Awesome artist - Stephano .....

Hello all-
wanted to post up a link to this chap's blog that I came across (quite by accident) t'other day.
He's an Italian storyboard artist called Stephano Tombolli, or something. His proper name is on his blog. Brilliant and very interesting stuff - animation too.
Had a dream (nightmare) about getting grade this week. Not nervous. No.:)
Take care everyone.

Friday, 21 May 2010

"Throwing it out there" - Summer Schools Anyone?

I've just got the full programme fro CSA for their summer schools. For one - I am very drawn to the "Printmaking" course which includes "Drypoint" and other stuff I've never even heard of. I reckon, all being well, I'll go on that (2nd to 6th August). Does anyone know about the "writing for images" course though? This runs same time - so you can't do both really. This sounds really fascinating, but I was wondering if anyone is considering doing this or knows anyone who has.

I am seriously thinking about doing a "Painting, Pimms and a Picninc" day in Cambridge. I know a couple of central locations with free parking and loos (hard combination to find) and fab views as well. I will come up with dates and ideas and also make an event on FB if people look like they want to join with this. I fancy doing more with acryllics and with watercolour. I think the latter is quite well suited to outdoor, but i don't know about acryllics, being something of a novice in that. The idea is to bring a packed snack, some lemonade and perhaps a contribution (of a £1 or so) to a bottle or two of pimms that I can supply, your own equipment and off we go;-)

I think there are some online courses, but quite honestly I'd rather give business or do a barter with mates coz we need the money and favours, and we certainly deserve it. Swopsies for an acryllics introduction I can; a) Teach to professional level on singing (in Russian, Italian, Spanish, French, German and English - oh and Hebrew and encompass any style you may wish) b) teach you good conversational Russian or Hebrew c) Help anyone out on Adobe Illustrator (my skills are stronger on this than Photoshop). d) any gardening advice or assistance (me and hubby are quite keen when work, toddlers or courses don't get in the way). e) Medics Oxygen admin for SCUBA divers (okay, my licence has expired now, but the principles are the same) LOL...he he, any takers?????

Can post our crit pictures up soon too, now that school's out for summer;-)

Saturday, 15 May 2010

For Alison

For some reason the blog wouldn't let me leave a comment so I had to write a new post. Alison the poem's great! I see the next Julia Donaldson!

Hope everyone's final work and essays are going OK. See you on Weds, I don't think I can come to the pub as I have to leave around that time but hope to see you in the Coslett at lunch time. Liza x x x

Thursday, 13 May 2010

poem that I made up last year for a book idea

It's called 'Bad Choices' and it is about dating the wrong people. I think you possibly need some pics to go with it but anyway here go's!!


This is Will,

He’s clean and he’s bright,

But, he can’t find a girlfriend

Try as he might.

He’s not at all that fussy

He’d just like a bird,

There’s some in the paper,

Or so he’s heard.

He’d quite like a blonde one

Or a red head would do,

But even better a brunette ….or two.

He sits on his own and peruses the post

Until he finds,

The one he likes most.

An outdoorsy type… that would be great.

A girl from the valleys would make a good mate.

Blodwyn arrived with a donkey and dog,

She came from outdoors

And smelt like a bog.

The dog was so fat he had to be carried.

And Blodwyn?....

Just wanted to be married.

So back to the small ads

For Will double quick.

He puts a red ring

round a cute sounding chick.

When Tina arrived

She was so small

It was like going out

with no one at all

They saw an old man

who was selling balloons

Will bought one for Tina

And then very soon

She was sailing away

heading straight for the moon..

Will rushed to her aid

But it was too late

So there goes another potential new mate.

The next one was Mary

She came from the south,

Will was hoping like hell

Her feet were not near her mouth

Mary was hairy,

It had to be said.

But only a few hairs

attached to her head.

They were dangling from

her armpits and chin,

with a great wooden post

Where her leg should have been.

Mary was scary

Of that there’s no doubt

Will had to think quick

Of a way to get out.

He had to distract her

With some kind of trick,

She couldn’t run fast

With a leg like a stick.

The next one he tried

Said she’s jolly and bright

Will was not prepared

For such a big fright.

This one was big

She was so very large

It was hardly surprising

Her name was Large Marge.

He took her to dinner

To a nice bijoux place

But she couldn’t stop eating

And stuffing her face

She eat all her dinner

And finished off his

Then she polished off

Chocolates and bottles of fizz.

But Marge had not finished

She had not even started

Marge’s best trick

was the way that she farted.

She really let rip

With an earth shattering sound

The wind was so strong

That her feet left the ground.

That’s it, that’s enough

Said Will broken-hearted.

I’m by myself on the shelf

Before life’s even started.

I’m giving up dating

and finding a mating.

I’m getting a puppy instead.

Friday, 30 April 2010

Last Day of Term/Post Assignment Bash

Does anyone fancy having a "post assignment" bash on 19th? We can keep it early for those who need to get home - or extend it to the evening for those who don't. I would suggest Cambridge somewhere in one of the winebars/restaurants so we can roll drinks into an evening event as needed. Who might be interested?

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Speed Dating

Hi everyone, thought you might like to see the first pic in my mini book on speed dating!

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Hello all, Crit tomorrow - ready or not, hope to be there! Anyone here attempting the Macmillan Prize this year? Perhaps we could start a sub-blog about this and all the various things we have to try to remember etc. I'm new to this, but maybe a few of us have tried before???

Thursday, 28 January 2010

James Mayhew

Hi all, just thought you might like to see James Mayhew's Blog - there's a really interesting post about his dreadful experience with Chicken House publishers. The book in question was always a favourite of mine in the children's bookshop I worked in.

Sunday, 24 January 2010


I've been proper poorly the last few days with a horrible cough and cold. Hope it will be gone by Wednesday...but does anyone know if there is a lecture, or what's happening if anything? Just wondered if I would be missing anything crucial if I'm not better by then.

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

How's it going?

Hi everyone, hope you all had a great Christmas. How are the essays/reflections/final bits of work going? I haven't got anywhere near as much drawing done as I hoped I would. I've done the essay though I think - but my computer's buggered up so haven't been able to print it out or anything yet.

Also my phone went thru the washing machine and I have had to put my sim into my son's phone. I still have the same number, but don't have any of my contacts' numbers on there anymore so if you could text me sometime I'll be able to save your numbers. Thanks! Liza x x

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Bologna Childrens Book Fair 2010?

Just wondered if anyone was thinking of going to this coming Bologna Book Fair? Not sure how I could afford to go at the moment but thinking about it.

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Hi everyone, here's the link to Mike's blog as requested! I had a morning in my studio today dong some monoprinting and a little bit of embroidery. I must admit it made a nice change from being out in the cold hunting for couples! x

Edward Hopper and the carrot crunch

Hi Liza, I remember you said that Mike who did the rabbit futures story at yesterdays crit had a blog. As I loved his work, can you post the link to it on here, so I can read it... Having a day off from art today, but unfortunately trying to catch the international posting last dates before its too late - aargh!

Monday, 7 December 2009

Polly I love your colour sketch! And Natania the drawing of Wimpole Hall is beautiful - reminded me that I should go back there soon, it's only just round the corner from us.

This is a bit of an emergency post, as I have realised that I've rather stupidly double booked myself on Tuesday evening. Consequently I won't be able to make it for the meal - but hope to be able to drop by later in the evening to join you for a drink. I know the booking's most likely been made already, would it be possible to change it for one less? Sorry to be so hair-brained, too many things going on all at the same time recently. Hope you're all having a jolly good week ~*

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Hi Everyone. I'm really sorry about this but I forgot to pick up the email list.I will go in tomorrow to see if it is still there but otherwise could you please email me your university email address
thank you all very very much...... told you I would be a crap student rep.
Love you all
Alison Kxxxxxxx

Monday, 30 November 2009

Mitch 'n' Tara.

Yesterday tea time - needed to start using a bit of colour before our project is over. Dig that old 1995 (yes!) desktop PC. Laptop is bost and at menders so were on mega-slow-speed for now.
I'd be up for that meal idea next Tuesday.:)

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Here is the wimpole Hall sketch (pen and ink with ink wash).

Xmas 'do'?

Thought it might be quite nice to all get-together and have some sort of a Xmas 'do' on the last Tues eve of term (8th Dec)....a meal or something, what does everyone think? I don't know Cambridge so can someone recommend a place which is resonable and has a good atmosphere? x

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Well I got a free cuppa at Wimpole hall today drawing in the stable courtyard - heck it got cold;-) Not sure how i can scan this double page spread - might take a photo of it then post it. Sadly the etching class is cancelled as John is ill. Would love to have gone. Don't really know a thing about it. Anyone done etching?

Friday, 13 November 2009

Is anyone else having a really rubbish week?

Monday, 9 November 2009


I drew this in the supermarket today and I remembered why I avoid backgrounds like the plague. I wondered if any of you have any tips on drawing complicated, busy scenes, or streets (another allergy of mine). It just becomes a mess of confusing tones and lines in wrong places! As you can see I abandoned the drawing before even attempting the detail of the bags inside the trolley!

Sunday, 8 November 2009


As it's Remembrance Sunday here's a little sketch for Percy, Jem, Mathew and all the other brave lads who risk their lives everyday in conflicts around the world...will there ever be peace?! x

Friday, 6 November 2009

book by its cover

Hello all,
how grand that we have our own blog! and to be able to spill things on it too... thought I'd make a first go of it with another blog that I recently stumbled across quite by accident but is really superb:
see you next week ~* becky

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Oliver Jeffers Book Signing

Hello everyone. If you're interested, Oliver Jeffers is doing a book signing on the 12th Nov, 4 - 5pm at The Children's Bookshop in Muswell Hill. It's for his pop up version of The Incredible Book Eating Boy. (This info is from a blog so worth giving them a call first to check the details if you're planning on going. Tel: 0208 444 5500).


Hi everyone! Inspired (and to be honest, scared) by all your amazing work in the crit I went out today determined to do something different. So I went to Brighton Museum and ended up old couple in the cafe. Sigh. Still, it is a grander cafe than BHS I suppose!

By the way, this blog is set so that anyone can view it...I think I can set it so that only we can read it if you'd prefer? I thought maybe your friends and family might like to see what you're doing, though.

Hi All
great we have a blogg how brilliant.
Yesterday I went to the student rep meeting so I am sorry that I missed some of the crits but all the ones I saw were really fantastic. I really feel overwhelmed trying to keep up with the amazing work everyone is doing. I want to try so many different things and I haven't got a clue when it comes to it.
Yesterdays meeting was pretty boring to be honest. lots of moaning from the other departments I asked for some more printers and another scanner to be added to the new computers. I'm not sure if i was entirely successful. I know we haven't got to the stage of scanning etc. but it is really useful to have the large scanner in the studio and the A3 printers and later on everyone needs to use them at the same time. We share the computers with all the BA students so you can imagine it's pretty busy, but everyone is very good at helping others, i have found, so if there is anything you are not sure about ask someone and they will help.
The Library ladies were there and reminded everyone that they do a talk about how the library works, I did it in the first year and I think it is really helpful. there is a massive resource that we can access from the online library and I think it might be helpful if we had a group session in there to get to know how to use it, What do yo u think??
It is useful to know that all the art books are on the third floor at numbers 740 ish there are calligraphy/text type books on the second floor opposite the stairs.
I will not be there next week as it is my graduation!!!! so I will be shuffling my mother around.
I will miss you all of course.
LOts of Love and a Hug.