Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Well I got a free cuppa at Wimpole hall today drawing in the stable courtyard - heck it got cold;-) Not sure how i can scan this double page spread - might take a photo of it then post it. Sadly the etching class is cancelled as John is ill. Would love to have gone. Don't really know a thing about it. Anyone done etching?


  1. Yes Natania, etching is great. Basically, you coat a metal plate with wax, and scratch your image into the wax. Then you put the plate into a chemical and the acid bites into your scratched line making a groove. Then you take off the wax, push ink into the grooves, put the plate through the press and voila! A fab print. (It's much easier to understand when you actually do it.)

    Apparently you can scan your image in two halves and put them together on Photoshop. I'd love to see it, especially as my challenge this week is to draw entirely on double page spreads. (Failed so far). I won't be here this week so I hope you all have a great time.xx

  2. here we go - managed to do just that, put it together in photoshop, but the image is a bit small. Let's see if I can load it up before the end of my daughter's bath (after which I will be called away for last stories)