Thursday, 5 November 2009


Hi everyone! Inspired (and to be honest, scared) by all your amazing work in the crit I went out today determined to do something different. So I went to Brighton Museum and ended up old couple in the cafe. Sigh. Still, it is a grander cafe than BHS I suppose!

By the way, this blog is set so that anyone can view it...I think I can set it so that only we can read it if you'd prefer? I thought maybe your friends and family might like to see what you're doing, though.


  1. Looking very good there Liza- lovely details in the architecture. You just don't get that in BHS do you? Well done.
    I'm back in Waitrose again tommoz. *sigh*

  2. Well done you:)...people, sense of place and architecture what more could you want, and I bet you get a better class of cake there too. Keep scribbling x