Thursday, 5 November 2009

Hi All
great we have a blogg how brilliant.
Yesterday I went to the student rep meeting so I am sorry that I missed some of the crits but all the ones I saw were really fantastic. I really feel overwhelmed trying to keep up with the amazing work everyone is doing. I want to try so many different things and I haven't got a clue when it comes to it.
Yesterdays meeting was pretty boring to be honest. lots of moaning from the other departments I asked for some more printers and another scanner to be added to the new computers. I'm not sure if i was entirely successful. I know we haven't got to the stage of scanning etc. but it is really useful to have the large scanner in the studio and the A3 printers and later on everyone needs to use them at the same time. We share the computers with all the BA students so you can imagine it's pretty busy, but everyone is very good at helping others, i have found, so if there is anything you are not sure about ask someone and they will help.
The Library ladies were there and reminded everyone that they do a talk about how the library works, I did it in the first year and I think it is really helpful. there is a massive resource that we can access from the online library and I think it might be helpful if we had a group session in there to get to know how to use it, What do yo u think??
It is useful to know that all the art books are on the third floor at numbers 740 ish there are calligraphy/text type books on the second floor opposite the stairs.
I will not be there next week as it is my graduation!!!! so I will be shuffling my mother around.
I will miss you all of course.
LOts of Love and a Hug.


  1. Our first post! Thanks Alison. I think it's great that we have a group blog. Well done to the organiser(s)?! X

  2. Yep - thanks Alison and Liza. I think.
    Do we just post chat or pix and stuff?

  3. Thanks Alison - I would LOVE a session in the library.

  4. Oh and good luck for your graduation! I hope you are going to post a pic here! x x

  5. I've just requested a session in the library with Martin. Apparently he has to ask the Librarians for this. They also offer individual or small group assignment/project appointments. Very useful I would say - especially for the longer essays or essays we fancy inventing ourselves (we have this option this Semester)!